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P-Poi from Dark Waters Designs

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P-Poi from Dark Waters Designs

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Innovative spinning toys with added power, grace, and poise designed for dance and drama. This unique concept expands upon traditional poi swinging with instant stops, reversals (hand wraps), and fixed grip use for posed and slow motion. Their lit length appear as a disc or cone of light when spun or photographed. (Patent pending)

Background Information

Guide to Use

Demonstration Video with Sound
(in Windows AVI format, 3.59MB)

Designed, tested, and built for maximum performance and safety. Wicks have no exposed metal making great torches for trailing as well as breathing. They feature hand-crafted leather locking grips with specially designed quick-release and 170 pound+ steel swivel / connectors. Balanced Kevlar / fiberglass wicks provide minimal fuel spray, longest burn time, and synced snuffing.

Available Now

16" Fire P-Poi, $115 plus S&H
Includes one pair, wicked Fire P-Poi and leather locking grips (small, medium, or large).

Coming Soon

16" Glowing P-Poi coming soon
Includes one pair, clear Glowing P-Poi with your choice of light (Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow) batteries included


Currently ships within 1 week. Call for custom sizing and rush orders.

Your purchase supports further development of new dance props and concepts.

Send questions and ideas to Or call me at 720-937-DOUG.