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Fire Dancing

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Fire Dancing

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Professional Fire Performance and Safety Training

Visit my new website for my latest projects:
Firemancer - Professional Fire Dancing and Performance Art out of Denver, CO

Fire Video and Photos

Interactive flaming dramatizations to music or live drumming.
Safe and legal shows – risk controlled, permitted, and insured.
Passionate and experienced dancer and musician – modern dance, medieval court dancing, traditional folk, egyptian tabla / doumbek, djembe, and bellydance.
Maintaining excellent relations with fire officials!
Redundant safety measures, over-built and backup equipment, well prepared, experienced, highly aware, always sober and well grounded.

I don't imagine I'll ever be completely satisfied with any show, but I do take some pride in knowing my performances have consistantly evoked fascination and awe. And in all these performances, I have never once experienced an accident, equipment failure, or any situation I wasn't prepared to perform through. Few fire performers have such high standards.


Half-chucks (P-Poi) – My own creative design, allowing a unique range of poi-based fluid movement and sudden change specifically created to convey drama. Great for urban and Kodo fire percussion as well as sparring (swordplay). Performing with LED and laser variants also.
Contact Fire Play – The holding, trailing, and direct play with fire upon bare skin. Often seen in fetish performance. Exploring techniques of drumming while sticks, drum head, or hands are lit.
Single and Double Staff – Developing a unique relationship to the staff, its motion, balance, and power.
Hyperfans - My own unique twist to fire performance. Instantly shifts forms from clubs to poi to fans to the new hyperfan configuration creating the most dramatic and flexible visuals ever seen.


Last updated 12/06/04

New Vision Cirque, Broodmoor Hotel, August 2004 - description coming

New Vision Cirque, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, August 2004 - description coming

Cervantes, Fairy Fashion Show, July 2004 - description coming

Pagan Family Picnic, June 2004 - description coming

People's Fair, June 5-6, 2004 - description coming

Rock Island, Eroxa, January 2004 - description coming [link]

Avalon on the Orient Express, New Years Eve 2003 - description coming

Eclectic Groove Therapy, February, 2004 - description coming

Artopia, February, 2004 - description coming

Cthonic Algorhythm, Halloween 2003 - description coming

Arcadia, September 2003 - description coming

Mercury Cafe, Kan'nal, September 2003 - description coming

Geodesika, June 2002, 2003 - description coming

Naropa University, Kan'nal - description coming

Gothnic, June 2003, 2004, 2005 - description coming

Cheeseman Park, Fourth of July, 2003 - description coming

CU-Colorado Springs, 2003 - description coming

Art Bus, 2002, 2003 - description coming

Strawberry Hot Springs, 2002, 2003 - Joined the crew of HighFire for some wonderful evenings around the hot springs, dancing to their amazing African drum ensemble.

Colorado Fire Tribe, Xcel Energy Parade of Lights, December 2002, 2003 – Trained and coordinated a volunteer crew of 63 to form the largest ever mobile fire performance in the streets of downtown Denver. Team included 25 fire performers, 14 hand drummers, and 24 safety and support and performed for two hours straight, two nights in a row. Developed an unprecedented safety protocol facilitating the transport of fuel, cycling of performers, and thorough emergency readiness. Denver Fire Inspector offered letter of recommendation after working with us. [link]

Lodo Music Festival, July 2003 – Coordinated and danced a series of street performances featuring six diverse fire artists, live drumming, and music by Bhakti-Rasa. First discovered this art at this particular festival in 2001 where I provided drumming for this beautiful dance. [link]

Federal Theater, March 2003 – Established safety protocol and show design for ongoing indoor fire performances. Now doing productions there regularly with Denver’s only family theatrical fire troupe, Lumina. Making fire shows spectacular yet comfortable for our audience, venue, and officials.

Colorado Fire Tribe, 2001 - 2005 – Brought together the local fire arts community and live drummers for weekly practices, jams, and workshops. Facilitated the exchange of experience, ideas, and resources to improve the quality of fire arts throughout Colorado. Coordinated weekly indoor practices for the regional fire arts community during winter months providing safe haven to continue throughout the year.