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Drums for Sale in Colorado

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Drums for Sale in Colorado

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Drums for Sale in colorado

African Djembes Drums hand-crafted in the village of Busia, Ghana (on the Ivory Coast). Made of solid tweneboa wood with a variety of designs and 9-12" tunable goatskin heads.

These drums are built by master drum crafters of the village, sustaining their families with work, and brought back to Colorado personally by Jim Kager of Alaska Drum Works. Jim, a retired shipping captain, hopes to sustain not only their economy but also their environment; for each drum brought over five trees are restored to the forest. All costs are kept to a minumum with the hopes of making the gift of drumming widely available and supporting drumming communities throughout the US!

Egyptian Tablas / Doumbek / Darbuka (distinct and vitually indestructible)

"Egyptian darbukas are cousins of the Turkish dumbek. Made of a solid piece of aluminum, these instruments of the Nile are known for their great sound and high volume. Each comes with an extra head and carry bag."

Made of cast aluminum with a 9" tunable mylar head (mine's never needed tuning)

I'm always happy to bring these drums out to drum circles so you can see how they sound and feel. I frequent most of the circles in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. Jus' let me know if you wnat me to bring you something to play with!

Other folks with drums here in Colorado

We're all very happy to familiarize folks with these beautiful instruments, playing and tuning them (lessons, hints, etc). We'd love to plug you and your new drum into any of our wonderful drum circles here in Colorado. Also, buying these drums supports us as we continue facilitating this fast growing drumming community! *wink*

- Doug
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