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I have always been fascinated by imagery. I started drawing stick figures around age six--about the same time I began using computers. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my first BASICA program to use statements like "30 LINE (0,0)-(320,200)" to draw CGA graphics for the splash screen for a futuristic battle simulation game I had envisioned, called WOLVERINE. It would be several years later that finally I realized that I had drawn the N in the high-tech lettering backwards!

Since then, I've written my own 3D modeling and ray tracing programs (before such things existed commercially), played with animation, and decoded image compression formats. I've dabbled in photography and followed virtual reality through its evolution. Today I program less; instead I work in a number of professional video and multimedia applications. Yet my background in low-level graphics techniques has trained me to optimize the balance between low-bandwidth yet high-quality for even the latest mediums.

Computer graphics, in all its forms, still captivates me as it did eighteen years ago. Below I've collected a few select pieces I've created over the years. Enjoy!

Time-lapse Photography
Recently, I've connected an external battery to my Android smartphone and programmed it to take a series of high-res photographs in unique settings to capture aspects of our world often unnoticed.
I'll be posting my work on YouTube for those who care to see more.

Body Painting and Art
Recently, I've connected an external battery to my Android smartphone and programmed it to take a series of high-res photographs in unique settings to capture aspects of our world often unnoticed.
I've posted a sampling of my designs on Facebook

Self Holding Bunny 1998
Created using Adobe Photoshop from scanned photgraphs (of myself, and a stuffed bunny). From this, I created a full-color, glossy birthday card for a dear friend of mine who shared the same birthday as the bunny. Card and said bunny were decoratively gift wrapped and presented about six hours after the idea struck me.

Dancing Man 1998
This image idea struck me one day when I was captivated by the reminiscent tear of a tire cover on a jeep I was driving behind. This random shape immediately conjured powerful images of a long-haired masculine figure (like my li'l ole self) much people often see in clouds. So, after going out of my way to get closer to the intriguing image, I decided to immediate hop onto Photoshop and draw it up.

Native Martian Bumpersticker 1997
One day when I was feeling the need to create, I sat myself down at my computer. I thought back of a seemingly absurd bumpersticker I had seen. The driver was so proud to have born here in Colorado that she felt it was worth announcing to the world. And so, in response, I decided to make up such a sticker for all my friends from Mars. In about an hour, I had combined all the images from space photos downloaded from NASA's web site.

Untitled 1996
This dark and personal image was the result of many hours of digital airbrushing using Adobe Photoshop. The four compnents (backdrop, self portrait, skull portrait, and heart) were each created entirely by hand in my computer. The portraits, specifically, fascinate me in that I created them by tracing the reflection of my face on the computer monitor (hence the warped effect). It was like painting beneath my face (or at least its reflection)!

Traveller 1996
(description coming)

Shredded Heart 1996
(description coming)

Flight 1996
(description coming)

Easy Way Out 1996
(description coming)

Bill Leon - Past and Present 1996
This is one of my favorites! I created this for my good friend (and boss at the time), Bill Leon. He wanted a special gift he could send his mother for Mother's Day. Using an old sepachrome photo he had of himself as a child atop a pony combined with a recent color photo, I created a high-resolution glossy sepachrome print dipicting him standing beside himself (literally). Not only were the two photos combined and adjusted for proper lighting and coloring, but significant repairs and patches were necessary to the original pony photo.

Annhela 1996
(description coming)

When I was young...
The following BASICA programs (and screen shots) were kept from my childhood. These represent my very first programs written between the ages of seven and ten. I wrote these in a time before computers became widespread and widely-used. I adopted concepts from video game systems and my own creativity. Very few of the programs were ever completed, but in each I explored the limits of the technology and my understanding of it at the time. These are comparable to a childs crayon drawings saved in a sketchbook.

This is the most memorable of my earlier programming endeavors. Around the age of eight or nine, I envisioned a fantastic top secret chopper [helicopter] video game. This 3D simulator would come complete with lasers, missles, fuel gages, and a jazzy title screen! The game concept developed from TV shows like Air Wolf and Blue Thunder. When I made this, there was nothing like it available anywhere. I was keen to be the first! :)

While I never finished the game, I did sucessfully implement many of the features necessary. It had a high-tech logo (including my misdrawn 'N'.) I had laid out my cockpit and instrument cluster. And the 3D perspective world was drawn and moved around in using either a keyboard or joystick!

I was so absolutely thrilled when my father bought a CGA color graphics card! Immediately, I had to push that card to its limits [which was four colors in graphics mode, but hey!]

Sine Wave
Not all of my graphics work was fun and games... My father explained the basics of trigonometry to me. I took a fancy in manipulating these pretty waves using our computer. Eventually, this led to programs that created various sound waves which really frustrated my family while trying to sleep!

...and soon, I'll be posting scans of my pen and pencil art (mostly done when I was much younger!)